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THURSDAY, June 16, 730PM,

Yorit Tal, inspirational author presents The Discovery Tree of Love: How to Stay in Love Forever, Dream Together and Vision as One.

Yorit.Tal.AuthorThis is a life-changing talk for anyone who desires a strong, lasting partnership, full of love, joy and harmony. Based on her life experiences and marriage of nearly 40 years, Yorit Tal has formulated 7 key elements that keep couples in love, nourishing each other’s soul, living blissfully and harmoniously. A key focus of the talk is to show couples how they can consciously create a happy life with one another and accomplish major goals, by collaborating their visions together as a whole.

Yorit and her husband did just this and now own a beautiful ranch in Topanga, where they have a vineyard and an art studio. They host workshops as well as retreats, for individuals and couples, on how to create lasting love, while build their dreams together.

This talk is for couples of any age, at any stage of marriage or partnership. As for singles and divorcees, this talk will help ensure that your next relationship is both caring and long-lasting. Yorit’s advice and 7 principles are equally insightful, authentic, and heartfelt. You will go home a changed person, with a new found sense of wisdom for loving, living, and dreaming with your significant other.

You will also receive a free signed copy of the book at the event!

Author Yorit Tal:

Yorit Tal was born in Israel. From a young age, she danced in numerous TV shows, movies, and performed jazz and ballet at the Israeli Opera. By age 16, she was teaching at well-known studios in Tel Aviv and choreographing for various theatrical shows.

She met her husband, Doron, more than 37 years ago in Tel Aviv and married him within three months. They honeymooned in New York and on a whim decided to move to California, where they have remained over three decades, raising two children, while building paradise together.

Time: 730PM, 7PM to see the Hieroglyph of the Human Soul
Donation: $20.00
Location: Olandar, Home of Carla and Leigh McCloskey in Malibu,CA
RSVP as Space is Limited

For address, more information and RSVP: Please email: carlamccloskey@aol.com or call 310-457-5398

Check out Leigh’s website www.leighmccloskey.com and his Facebook pages including Olandar Foundation for
Emerging Renaissance and Leigh J McCloskey




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